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Living up to the good times, youth is not going away-2021 SUNTREE’s 4th "Youth Cocktail Party" has come to a successful conclusion

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In order to achieve the goal firmly and reach the poetry and the distance, we need to take a moment to recharge the body and mind, and reserve the energy to continue striding forward.

In the hot summer, with enthusiasm like fire, SUNTREE's  4th "Youth Cocktail Party" arrived as scheduled

We came to the 5A-level scenic spot-Qiandao Lake, and while lamenting the supernatural craftsmanship of nature, we were looking for the original source of power.

We cross the mountains and the sea, enjoy the blue and breathe freely in the vast expanse of the world~

In the depths of the city, riding the heat of midsummer, indulging in joy...

Regardless of the world, north and south, we will always be together and work together to create new brilliance!