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The 124th Canton Fair

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The 124th Canton Fair closed today successfully. Under the joint efforts of Suntree sales team, we retain a lot, which over 10 potential customers appointed a further factory visit to us.

Suntree always devoted itself to researching and developing new products to meet more and more customers needs over the past 10 years. On our booth number 10.3E19-20, we built a simulated water pumping system, displayed our new and hot product 'solar pumping control cabinet', which combined a pump controller, DC and AC electric supply for both DC and AC pumping flexible application for both daytime and nighttime.

Another system is the PV solar system, which drawed the complete solar system on the wall, displaying from DC isolators, DC Fuse, DC SPD, DC breakers to solar inverter, and to AC output AC breaker, AC SPD, and ELCB. It's strikes the eyes of the customers very much.

Thirdly, we also published our new DC isolator switch, Maximum current upto 1600A. And showed DC MCCB 1500V 3P, and a new type ATS with new function of combining fuse, surge protection.

In summary, as a professional manufacturer, Suntree will continue to make good quality and reliant products to every our customers.